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wake up

Linda Yang!

Wake up!!!

U're just a fool to others..
That's all!!!

emotional and cheerless

hates being excluded in everything.

Im non-existant.


Im a fake.


Im totally pissed with myself.


why must I lose that black ribbon clip?

It meant so much to me.

It was from faraway Bangkok.

Out of everything, why that???!!!


still a Hello Kitty fan..

I'll still go ga-ga over Hello Kitty everytime I see it.
I'll let a soft scream.
I'll let my eyes take in its beauty.
I'll touch whatever I can.
I'll wish I can own one.

It's just too expen$ive!!!.


I've one big plush, but cant bear to let it out of the plastic bag to breathe.
It's still suffocating in the plastic bag in the storeroom.
for fear that it might turn black from all the dust ard. (Its darn white, you see)
so pretty pointless to get one and keep all the time.
It'll turn yellow i guess.
But I just want one!! =(

Was too bored after work.
so i browsed the net and look what I've found!

It's Hello Kitty's very own Asics!!! I've always wanted a pair of Asics!!
Wont be able to own this for sure. 
anyways I've found something else!!




Isn't this amazing??
It's one of the pretty Hello Kitty Villas at Hsinchu, Taiwan!
Look at the exterior of the villa! the bed frame! the sofa covers! the Hello Kitty head carved on the wall! the Hello Kitty clock! the ENTIRE VILLA!!!

It's so pinkish. so Hello Kitty. so princess-y. so fairytale. so sweet. so breathtakingly beautiful. so heavenly!

Anyone going to Taiwan lately?
Can you pack me in your luggage and bring me to Hsinchu pls????????

Happy 4 Years Anniversary Love!


Thank you for being with me throughout these 4 years.
Though there were ups and downs, lots of stupid meaningless quarrels, childish cold wars, and infantile bickerings.
There seriously isnt any other one guy who can tolerate me the way you did.

Thank You:
1) for loving me
2) for giving in to me (sometimes!)
3) for tolerating my nonsense
4) for the great, lovely, gorgeous birthday present (2009)
5) for giving/lending the awfully poor me $$ (like now? lol)
6) for all the car rides home
7) for holding my hands and give me warmth when im cold
8) for caring for me 24/7
9) for being you
10) for letting me love you

I dont say I love you very often anymore.
But you do know that I love you right?

Let's hope we'll stay the way we are.

With much love, 
the cutest living srawberry ever. (lol. pukes)


Life's good and crazy.

I realised I have not been updating for more than 2 months! lol.

Life's been great.
Celebrated my birthday 5 times, and
Celebrated Christmas 4 times.

So can you imagine how much I've ate?

I think its enough to feed me for 1 month on normal days.

Anyways, school holidays started from 3rd dec and ends on 27th dec.
Just started work yesterday.
Dreaded going to work, a day before work started.
But I'm glad I went back to work.
I didnt realise that I missed my colleagues.
Greetings, smiles, laughters, old jokes, new jokes, gifts..
and a new work station for me! =)

All's well..
Pray for a better new year for me.family.friends.and him.

will upload pics soon.

and i wonder why...

I've not been blogging religiously when I should..
If this is not an online site, I can imagine the cobwebs covering the whole place..

Teaching has been fun and exciting- as always.
Once in a while, I'm needed in the p.m. session to teach the lower primary (P1 and P2)
No doubt, the lower primary pupils are more adorable and easier to discipline.
Once I scream, they zip up their mouths almost immediately.
But at times, they can get out of control when they are excited to answer any questions.
When I ask questions, the kids will just stand up and crowd around me, raising up their hands and very eager to answer.
I think its hilarious- if any one of you can witness it.
Often, I am surrounded by them and I cant free myself.

"Miss Yang, XXXXXX took my pencil!"
"Miss Yang, XXXXXX never do his/her homework!"
"Miss Yang, XXXXXX eat sweets!"
"Miss Yang, can I help you to erase the board?"
"Miss Yang, can I go to the toilet?"

These are some of the few things that I will hear EVERYDAY.

Pupils as young as P3, are experiencing BGR!
I was shocked when I first knew about it.
Maybe I am just too 'toot' when I am in Primary.
I didnt know of anyone in Primary will be going thru BGR.

Workload is gradually increasing.
Prize-giving day, Family Day Carnival, PSLE, camps etc.
Am attached to the P5 level now.
Teaching P5 is definitely easier than P1 or P2s.
They are more matured, able to consider and differentiate the right from the wrong.
When I scold them, they will apologise sincerely.
But syllabus is definitely not easier though.
The P5 standard now is almost like what I did in P6 or Sec 1.
But still coping well.

I guess I can almost confirm that I will definitely go to NIE next july.
Feedback from school: Very positive attitude. Able to interact well with colleagues and showed willingness to take up any task.
Something nice to encourage me to carry on with 'my calling' passionately.
ok, I am not a Christain.
But I do believe that, somehow we are born to do something that is already arranged for you even before we are born. To Christains, they named it their 'calling'. Something that will attract you very much, something you will enjoy doing, something that you will treat it with respect and do it passionately.
I dont know how to describe my feelings now, but I guess I've really found a job that I feel passionate about, that really gives me the kind of satisfaction and recognition that I craved for,

I have been setting very high expectations for myself.
I am a 98% perfectionist.
Remaining 2% is self-confessed laziness.
But when I am working on something, I do make sure, I give my best.
So it goes the same at work.
Recently, I have been feeling rather stressed. cos of the expectations from others and myself? I am not very sure.

Stress= Food + Food + Food + Food + Food
Therefore, equals to PIMPLES + FATS!

I have been putting on lots of weight.
I mean LOTS.
I cant control my stupid mouth from eating.
Ok, but at least I've started some exercise.
I jogged these two days plus brisk walk.
So yeah, I am perspiring and burning some fats.

Right, and now, I cant control my pimples from popping out.
I am having a really bad breakout now.
Friends who have not seen me the past one month, pls expect to see a change in the used-to-be smooth and nice complexion Linda Yang.
I am not only fat, my face is now indescribable.
Janet's comments, "You got late puberty is it?"
Ya, just imagine that.
Sigh, pls pray that I will be back to the old Linda Yang soon.

I feel so demoralised.


I've sudden random cravings for strawbrries now..



I cant seem to stop eating...

I've been putting on countless kg of fats...

can someone pls save me???

I've not even started on my training for stan chart's 21km..

wad should I do??